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ALE Business Machines together with ALE Capital are firmly established as a premier supplier of digital print devices and document management solutions throughout Kent and the South of England.

You can login and request service calls, order toners, waste toners, staples and paper, and give us your meter readings at the end of each month.

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Finance and Leasing

At ALE we recognise the importance of maintaining a positive cash flow in our business at all times.

The constraints of budgets, interest rates, the increasing price of raw materials, fuel, wages and other variable costs seem to get together at times and try to put pressure on our best laid plans.

The last thing one needs to do therefore is to be spending precious cash reserves on buying office equipment outright.
We use these machines day in and day out so why not pay as we go and spread the cost.

There is more than one option to choose from.

For new equipment a three or five year finance lease is available, paying a fixed cost every quarter, then offsetting the payments against any tax liabilities. Your money will go further with a lease so you can take advantage of the very latest technology while still having the flexibility to upgrade should your business needs change.

For used equipment ALE Capital are offering a fantastic finance package where the maximum term you are committed to is only 3 months and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time with no penalty whatsoever.

This is proving to be very popular for new start businesses where finance is often very difficult to obtain and where a business is growing and its requirements are changing quite often

We have a super range of machines always available at very short notice, you can come and see them in our working office environment or at one of our many customer sites throughout the South East

Please call us on 0845 241 7311 for more details on Finance and Leasing for your business.